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Christmas Russian style in a wintry setting. With double bass, fiddle or cymbals...
...it takes quite something, when your fingers are cold out of doors at sub-zero temperatures, to produce top musical performance for the delight of all the guests. Our Russian trio brings it off with panache.

The thought-provoking Christmas market with a mediaeval flavour is an experience for all the family.

And very many previous visitors...

...from the 40,000 who attended the "Schloss Münchweiler" Christmas tree event are happy to come again.

Even with the 30- kilometre queue of cars.

Not only Father Christmas,...

...Mother Christmas too will distribute gifts to the guests at your company event on request.

Blue spruce or ***** 5-star Nordmann fir? At company events, only the highest level of quality will do for an unforgettable Christmas season.

And in company reception areas, a scenic Christmas forest can be created. Astonish your customers and staff with an atmospheric Christmas event to thank them for their good collaboration.

Further information and offers on this theme can be found here in our shop.


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